Bresaola salad

18th July 2016 - Recipes

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The tender, air-dried beef makes this simple salad satisfying enough to have as a main course.

By From Two Greedy Italians


For the dressing

For the salad


  1. Remove the crusts from the bread and slice into small triangles. Heat the oil in a frying pan, add the bread and fry on both sides until golden-brown. Remove from the pan and drain on kitchen paper.

  2. Meanwhile make the dressing. Combine all the dressing ingredients and whisk together with a fork until you obtain a creamy consistency. Remove the garlic clove from the dressing.

  3. Arrange the lettuce leaves, rocket, radishes and olives on a serving dish, pour over the dressing and toss well. Arrange the eggs, bresaola and fried bread in the dish and scatter over the parmesan shavings.

Summer salad

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Two Greedy Italians

Two Greedy Italians

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