Aged sirloin steak with Thai salad and toasted hazelnuts

18th July 2016 - Recipes

Quick recipe finder Aged sirloin steak with Thai salad and toasted hazelnuts

This steak recipe works as a quick and easy midweek supper or a dinner party main. If you’d rather not use an aged sirloin steak, one that hasn’t been aged will work well, too.

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For the Thai salad

For the dressing

To serve



  1. Season the steaks with salt and pepper and rub the oil all over. Heat a griddle pan and cook the steaks to your liking. Remove from the heat, and leave to rest for around the same time you cooked it for.

  2. To make the salad, put all the ingredients into a bowl and mix well.

  3. Put all the ingredients for the dressing into a pestle and mortar and pound to a rough paste. Just before serving, add the dressing to the salad and mix well.

  4. To serve, cut the steak into slices and lay on a serving dish. Add the salad over the slices of steak, and garnish with the chopped nuts and the lime on the side.

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