Chargrilled courgette with basil, mint, chilli and lemon

18th July 2016 - Recipes

Quick recipe finder Chargrilled courgette with basil, mint, chilli and lemon

You will need a ridged grill pan or chargrill for cooking the courgette. Eat at room temperature as a summery salad.

Each serving provides 47kcal, 3g protein, 2.5g carbohydrate (of which 2.5g sugars), 2.5g fat (of which 0.5g saturates), 2g fibre and 0.1g salt.




  1. Toss the courgette strips in a bowl with the olive oil (just enough to coat the courgette), chilli, sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

  2. Heat a ridged grill pan until smoking hot and griddle the courgettes in batches, about four minutes per side, being careful not to crowd the grill pan. They should be tender, but with a crunch to them in the middle. If the strips are not quite cooked, leave them on the grill pan for longer, but watch the heat as you don’t want them to burn. Don’t be tempted to move the courgette while it is cooking or you won’t get the chargrill marks across the flesh. Drain on kitchen paper.

  3. Toss the griddled courgettes in the lemon juice, mint, basil and a good slug of your best extra virgin olive oil.

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