Yorkshire parkin
Quick recipe finder Yorkshire parkin Preparation time less than 30 mins Cooking time 1 to 2 hours Serves Serves 6-8 Recommended by 7 people Dietary   [...]
Yorkshire curd pie
Quick recipe finder Yorkshire curd pie Preparation time overnight Cooking time 1 to 2 hours Serves Serves 6 Recommended by 1 person By James Martin From [...]
Yorkshire fillet steak with fries and béarnaise sauce
Whip up a sumptuous meal for one, with the finest steak, chips and a classic French sauce. Because you're worth it.
Yorkshire tea cake
Dried fruits are soaked in tea to plump them up and add moisture to this simple, tasty cake.
Yorkshire turkey cake on crushed peas
Kids will love these deep-fried nuggets of leftover Christmas turkey - they would also work well as party nibbles.
Yorkshire puddings with rib of beef and seasonal cabbage
This Yorkshire pudding recipe is very special - it's from James Martin's grandmother - and it's the perfect partner for this luxurious cut of beef.
Yorkshire puddings with onion gravy
James Martin uses an all-milk batter and lots of eggs to make rich, soft puddings. Serve with lashings of gravy. Equipment and preparation: for this [...]
Yorkshire puddings and French onion soup
Leave the batter to stand overnight for perfect Yorkshire puddings - here enjoyed with a flavoursome white onion soup.
How to make Yorkshire puddings
Use goose fat, beef dripping or lard to get perfect restaurant-style fluffy Yorkies with this easy recipe. If you’re vegetarian you can use any flavourless [...]
Yorkshire oatmeal parkin
Make this authentic Yorkshire parkin a day or two ahead for a sticky teatime treat that can’t be beaten.
Yorkshire pudding
Everyone loves a big pillowy Yorkshire pud and I can guarantee you success if you follow this recipe, which I have been making to serve with Sunday lunches [...]
Yorkshire curd tart
An oldie, but a goodie. Lemon and nutmeg really complement the rich curd cheese in this recipe.
Yorkshire curd tart
Making your own curd cheese is very simple, so have a go. It tastes like something your grandmother may have made. Equipment and preparation: You’ll [...]
Yorkshire curd tart
Curd tarts were traditionally baked for Whitsuntide, when many Yorkshire villages held feasts and fair days. The filling was originally made from [...]
Yoghurt-spiced chicken skewers
This healthy, flavourful recipe is a doddle to make - try it with our simple couscous salad or herby tabbouleh.
Yellow jacket
Lemon curd gives this whisky cocktail a sherbety kick
Yellow rice
Quick recipe finder Yellow rice Preparation time less than 30 mins Cooking time 10 to 30 mins Serves Serves 4-6 Recommended by 1 person Dietary   [...]
This nutty chicken stew boasts deliciously subtle layers of flavour thanks to pomegranate molasses, tomatoes and spices.
Lamb, yam and butternut squash soup
Quick recipe finder Lamb, yam and butternut squash soup Preparation time less than 30 mins Cooking time 30 mins to 1 hour Serves Serves 4 Recommended by 1 [...]
Spiced chicken flatbread with Lebanese chicken salad
This Middle Eastern homemade flatbread is topped with spiced minced chicken, hot chillies and zingy herbs and served with a fresh chicken and pomegranate [...]